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ON THE BANKS OF RIVER JORDAN, ISRAEL — The first thing most pilgrims to the Qasr al-Yahud baptismal site notice are the gilded crosses atop the Orthodox Church of John the Baptist across the river in Jordan.


Few seem to take notice of the barbed wire fence on each side of the dusty path leading to the baptismal site. Yellow metal signs every few feet, alert pilgrims and tourists against straying from the path.


“DANGER MINES!” the signs warn in English, Arabic and Hebrew.



NEW YORK CITY (Sept. 10) - Parents and children flooded into the bright blue doors of P.S. 3, lining up to find their newly assigned classrooms and teachers on the second day of the new academic year. Like many of his classmates, seven-year-old Jaya Tianga found himself distracted by the activity in the auditorium. “What’s this?” he asked his mother.


“Voting,” said Elise Perelman.


“For what?” he asked, curiously peering in through the wide-open double doors.


“For the city,” she answered, while rushing him towards the growing line.


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A Police Officer's Mission

In New York, widely regarded as a gay-friendly city, homophobic violence is on the rise. There have been 68 reported bias attacks against gays in the city this year, which is up from 54 in all of 2012, according to the New York Police Department. The real number may be higher, as many attacks are not reported. This article explores the efforts of one NYPD officer, looking to make changes from inside the system. 


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